Yes, believe it or not, it is indeed true.

For me the most enjoyable things in GTA are the cars and driving experience. Last week unfortunately, I found myself incredibly bored and tired of both elements in GTA V.

I decided to have a run of EFLC to see if my boredom was justified. I found the driving and the character of the TBoGT cars to be much more exciting, even if they are three years old. The Sultan sounded amazing, the Bullet GT was lively as ever and the F620 screamed like a glorious V10 grand tourer should.

I feel quite upset and disappointed by how quickly GTA V got stale for me. Yes, some vehicles were good (Felon, JB 700, Baller II, Monroe, Exemplar etc), but they still drove horribly. Then there's the issue of two VWs, a Ferrari-branded V12 Zagato and a LHD JDM exclusive. I feel llike R* didn't put much effort into making a high quality driving experience and vehicle line-up. It is sad, but I had no choice but to reclaim my mmoney by selling my copy of GTA V.

On a more positive note, I reclaimed £32 of the £35 I paid for V.