R* put out a patch today, that largely addresses exploits for cash and RP that players have managed to discover, under the guise of doing something about people's missing character data.

This, to me, is a blatant admission that they fully intend to make the game so frustrating that you'll break down and buy the GTA$.

But honestly, this really isn't my problem with them.

Just before their patch on 10/4, I finally managed to get into GTAO after 4 days of trying. Then the in-game internet stopped working for me and if I tried to use it, I lost the minimap, use of my phone and anything that required me to use the D-pad to interact with it. Then I found out the problem carried over into Single Player, too.

I've been trying for days to get them to even acknowledge the problem, to no avail. I believe because they are not actually reading what I've said and are assuming that the keywords they get from my posts are me telling them I can't get into the game.

Just try to imagine for a second playing either Story Mode or Online without being able to access the in-game Internet. It won't take you long before you start thinking of some really irritating shit that arises from not having access:

  • Wanna deposit that cash you just made before someone steals it? Fuck you, find an ATM.
  • Wanna buy that luxury car/motorcycle/boat/plane? Fuck you, drive the shit you can steal.
  • Wanna buy a property to live in? Fuck you, go find it on the map without any reference and purchase it on foot, which will then have the additional "fuck you" of not counting toward the American Dream achievement.
  • Haven't finished the Epsilon missions in Story Mode? Fuck. You.
  • And so on...

I am convinced that this will NEVER get addressed because of all the noise being made by folks who've lost their characters (not that they shouldn't complain, mind you).

If I don't get some kind of answer from R* by Friday, that'll be a week without them acknowledging the issue and I'll likely give up playing.