• JamaicanBacon2000

    Well, I'm sad...

    I don't just like electronic music, but after Rockstars recent reveal of GTA V's official soundtrack, we were to find out that after nine months of speculation, we found out that Kavinsky's radio station Nightride FM was a publicity stunt.

    Which is a shame, as I thought with his retro-house vibe, that it that would make an epic, maybe even the best radio station on GTA V, but alas, it was not to be.

    But every other confirmed radio station seems to be epic, so check 'em out folks on the official GTA V website!

    And the title was a mistake, I'm new to this wiki, so I'm unaware of how to edit the title, "Nightride FM is fake" makes more sense. Compared to my epic English!

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