aka Jamie Hodgetts

  • I live in England
  • I was born on August 30
  • My occupation is boring
  • I am The most unmanly man
  • Jamie.hodgetts

    By March in a Nutshell, I don’t mean to literally march into a nutshell because, well, you just wouldn’t fit.

    In the past month I have entirely failed the 100 Day Song Challenge (my 100th day was scheduled to be Thursday 13th March.) Turned out I couldn’t even get into the most basic of routines, posting one Facebook status per day.

    I have accidentally offended a number of Christians by suggesting that somebody would find a much better use for a prayer by asking God to give him a longer penis to allow him to have sexual intercourse with himself. I was actually rather surprised to find out just how many people see my status updates, by the number of complaints, praises and threats I got in return… hashtag feeling proud?

    I went out for the first …

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