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    Insane Vinewood Gang

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    Insane Vinewood Gang

    Insane Vinewood Gang was Originally started in 1992 at the Willowfiled Homes Housing Projects.

    Games: Grand Theft Auto V (Online)

    Locations: Las Lagunas Blvd.

    Leader: Jaylen D. and Big G

    Type: African-American Street Gang

    Enemies: Ballas Vagos Aztecas

    Colors: Dark Red

    Vehicles: Manana Emperor BMX Tornado Bucanneer Primo Picador Cavalcade Peyote

    Weapons: Bat Pistol Micro SMG Ak-47(Choppers)

    Businesses: Drug Trafficking Weapons Trafficking Extortion Prostitution

    Fronts: Las Lagunas Blvd. Apt. Power St. Alta St. Forum Drive

    Members: Jaylen D. PJ Thomas (Unknown Sam Brown (Determinant) DJ Washington (Formerly) Demarcus Ross Clay James Big G (Possible Leader) Lil Debo(Deceased) Sampson Ben Cox Willie (Deceased)

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