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  • Jeansowaty2

    My question is, what do you think would happen when Trevor and Eddie Low would meet each other? They are both same sick so... all up to you! :D

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  • Jeansowaty2

    Zaibatsu Corporation Color: Black Gang car: Z-Type Weapons: Pistol, Dual pistol, Machine gun, Silenced machine gun, Rocket launcher Radio station: Futuro FM Territory: Zarelli, Omnitron (Downtown District), The Village, Xenoton, Cayman (Residential District), Sennora, Bayano, Escobar, Lattero (Industrial District) Leader: Hollow Kost Deputies: Trey Welsh, Red Valdez, Uno Carb Other members: Rollo Tomassi, doctor Cubana, Flambo Cortez, Satchmo the Safecracker The most powerful gang in Anywhere City. Their name comes from zaibatsu, the Japanese word for conglomerate. A seemingly legitimate corporation who manufacture everything from cars and weapons to medication (although they don’t actually have the license to make weapons), they are invol…

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  • Jeansowaty2

    I heard somewhere on the internet about Beta missions given from Darkel in GTA3. Here is a full list.

    1.Child's Play - This mission was meant to blow up a School Bus full of high schoolers.

    2.I Scream, You Scream - You had to lure kids to an Ice Cream Van and then blow it up. This mission is given by El Burro.

    3.School's Out - The target was to blow up a highschool building. Most likely the Old School Hall in Chinatown.

    4.RAMPAGE!! - Blow up 13 cars. This mission was possibly rampage-like like Trial By Fire or Uzi Money

    5.Trial By Fire - The objective was to burn people alive with a Flame Thrower. This mission is given to El Burro now.

    6.Stadium Flight Fright - You had to bomb the Stadium on Staunton Island with a Dodo because Darkel's favorite …

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  • Jeansowaty2

    Unused Gang 9 & 10

    April 1, 2013 by Jeansowaty2

    The Unused Gangs 9 & 10 are, as they name implies, unused gangs appearing in the game's code in GTA San Andreas.When spawned, they appear just as Varrios Los Aztecas.

    Both gangs are the same.They don't appear in the game outside of using cheats or mods.As said, they appearance is identical to the Varrios Los Aztecas ones,with no changes in the look.They behaviour is different - they won't attack Carl at first sight, even, they don't want to confront him.

    The gang can be spawned in various ways, cheating being in all of them:

    1.Put on the cheat BIFBUZZ (PC).Now all gangs should appear on the streets, underneath Varrio's driving Sentinel's.These are members of either Unused Gang 9 or Unused Gang 10.

    2.Various save game editors can be used to add…

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  • Jeansowaty2

    While I was looking around the games' files, I found some unused skins in GTA SA.These include:Fat Big Bear,the Russian Dealer 'Andre' and also the Hot Coffee Girlfriend skins.I'm going to post them but with the HC GF's one's I'm not so sure as they are either naked or half-naked.Would it be too much controversial?

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