B Dup Beaten Down is a DYOM mission made by Jeansowaty.It is given by Sweet from his house in Ganton,Los Santos.


Connor (the protagonist of the mission) heads over to Sweet's house to tell him that he knows where B Dup hangs out.Big Bear says that he will help out in the job.

Connor then heads out to Emmet's,to get some guns.He collects the baseball at,Molotov Cocktails,Desert Eagle,SMG,Shotgun,AK-47 and the Sniper Rifle.Then he sees that a rocket launcher is on the roof of a near located house.Connor gets the guns and heads straight to Glen Park.Upon arriving,he sees that Sweet and Big Bear are already waiting,heavily armed.The trio then slaughters many Ballas located around the area,including some snipers and a guard with a Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher.Then they make it trough another wave of Ballas up to B Dup's home.After gunning down two guards,one with a Flame Thrower,the second with Molotov Cocktails,Connor,Sweet and Big Bear storm B Dup's house.It comes out that it's locked.They then head to the back door,where they see 3 another Ballas gangbangers well armed with AK-47's and M4's.After they are dead,Connor beats up Big Weasel,a drug dealer and friend of B Dup,he tells that Dup is over in Los Flores.

A Grove Street gang member already parked a Greenwood for the job and the four now go to the place.Upon arriving,many Ballas' started to shoot at the car.All were killed by Connor,Big Bear,Sweet,and the Grove Street helper.The last guard who was holding a Minigun,was located on a rooftop on a house located north-east.He died at the hands of Connor.The four then locate B Dup who is holed up in an alley next to the dead guard.Then he gets slaughtered by all of them.After Dup died,they got inside they car,and drove back to Grove Street where they celebrated the win over the Ballas.After this the Ballas were presumably highly weakened,due to a high ranking drug dealer being killed,and many members died in the shootouts.


  • After getting to Emmet's,a hippie,using the same pedestrian model as The Truth,is seen looking at a nuclear generator while holding a rocket launcher.