Fred East is a criminal residing in Liberty City in 2008 and is wanted by the Liberty City Police Department for prostitution.His hangout is under the Northwood Heights Bridge and can be killed by Niko Bellic,depending on the players choice.He is unarmed,has 4 also unarmed bodyguards who will run away if the player approaches them.

LCPD Database information

Surname: East

First Name: Fred

Age: 42

Place of Birth: Acter,Alderney

Affiliations: Linked to criminal activities in south Alderney and in north Algonquin,and also his own gang of crosdressers. Criminal Record:

  • 2006 - Rape
  • 2006 - Extortion
  • 2006 - Prostitution


  • Was a policeman.Fired in 1996 as he was setting up an ambush for a friend of him in south Berchem.
  • Professional crosdresser.Often seen dressed as a woman with glasses or as a Tramp.


  • He uses on the database the model of an Alderney policeman,although when searching him,he will be a generic hobo.