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    GTA:Sins of Glory

    October 6, 2013 by Jim Logan

    Tales of Los Santos

    Laura woke up in stages. First, came the headache, then came the toothache, then the bulletwound, finally she was able to actually get out of bed. Her shoulder was bloody, one of her front teeth were missing, and bottles of beer littered the floor of her apartment in Paleto Bay, 4401 Procopio Drive.

    The night before she'd been contacted by Trevor Phillips of Trevor Philips Industries​ to raid some warehouse of the Vagos, the Lost MC came in during the raid, a shootout occurred, the police were on them in a minute, Laura had to abandon the score as NOOSE was called in. She drove back to her house in her Gauntlet and slept off the bullet wound. In retrospect that wasn't the best plan, but at the time she was trying to kill …

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