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GTA:Sins of Glory

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Grand Theft Auto V:The Sins of Glory is a fanon written by Jim Logan and it is set after the Option C ending of Grand Theft Auto V, which follows Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton and an original character created by Jim Logan.

Chapter 1:Bad decisions

Michael was lounging on his chair beside his pool, enjoying a shot of whiskey, wearing his regular attire and listening to the distorted sounds of Jimmy playing his video games in his room, his wife preparing some kale juice and his daughter Tracey screaming at one of "friends" on her phone from her room, and he let out a sigh of relief and mumbled to himself "At least some thing haven't changed." It had been almost a year since he had pulled off the heist of a lifetime over eighteen million dollars, and Michael was also relived to know they had hardly spent the first million since then and no one had come after him or his family since the heist. A few minutes later, Amanda walked out and stepped in front of Michael and said in a sarcastic, almost annoyed tone "Oh Michael, Franklin is here." Michael said "Oh, uh kay. Tell him I'll be in there in a minute." However, before Amanda could turn around, Franklin appeared at her side and said "Sorry dog, this can't wait." Michael caught the nervous tone in his voice and asked "Did the government come by or something?" Franklin shook his head "Worse." Michael asked "Trevor?" Franklin nodded "Trevor."

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