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Are you in need of a GTA PS3 body actor?

JoshCF1 December 29, 2010 User blog:JoshCF1

I can help! I really want to be in a GTA machinima! It doesn't matter if it is professional, or just for fun. I have GTA 4, and I will be re-buying GTA EFLC very soon for the PS3. If you want to do a EFLC machinima on 360 then I will buy it for 360. If there is no one else offering but someone for a 360 GT4 machinima then I will buy that too. I do not have a mic, sorry if that is a problem. Anyways, I am just bored and want to do something fun! I do not have a capture card, so I can't get any gameplay. I do have a (small) Youtube channel that it could be showcased on (or yours, I am only offering if you do not have one or are ok with having it on my channel). If you need a very good actor who doesn't screw around, then I can help. Altough there is a chance I will not be good for time depending on how strict it is and the timezone difference. I am mainly just looking for something fun to do. I can't do any voice acting, sorry. I hope that this is enough information for you, and I hope you respond! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for replying to it. Also, if you know any forums that have a lot of people who need actors, please give me a link or name. Thank you!!!

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