To me here are my top 5 favorite apartments in GTA Online

  1. Richards Majestic Apt. 4: I like the view of the downtown area and the highlands. Also, it's pretty cheap. The only bad thing is that it's only 150 feet over ground unlike Apt. which is i think 210
  2. Tinsel Towers: I like the architect of the building and the view
  3. Integrity way: I love downtown areas, it makes me feel less lonely that's why i like this apartment. Also i like way it looks when you are driving on the highway 
  4. Alta St, Apartment: It's also in a populous area and it's cheap
  5. Royale Apartment: I know, i know you are probably wondering why i would choose this place over the Eclipse towers, or why i would choose this place at all. First of all, i dislike the location of the Eclipse Towers, it has a great view but it's just too north for me. You know how i like places with a lot of people so i don't feel lonely, well this place is far away from downtown and the area around it is too classy. Now to the Royale Apartment. I like it because it's the cheapest apartment in the game only costing $80,000 and also it's simple and sweet. I would rather have one of the luxary ones over this one but it's so cheap i can use it as my second house.