Hi. I've been here for 1 year now and I'd just like to talk about my time here in this blog post. I started here at about 10AM on Saturday 10th November 2012. My first edit was correcting some spelling on the Varrios Los Aztecas page. In January 2013, I became a Patroller. I had made a request before which failed but told me to go from about 60 edits to 200 edits. I did this in a day and made a request within 24 hours of the old one. It passed with flying colours. Then, in March, I became an Admin. I helped with things like the Rigby and Zombie22 cases.

Throughout my time here, I have met a lot of people I consider my friends. The main ones are my fellow staff members, most notably Ilan and Mikey, Jeff and Tom, Rhem and Thomas and Instu and WildBrick.

So, yeah. It's been an amazing year and I'll do another one of these next year. :)