Hello and welcome to Weazel News with me, LS11sVaultBoy!

I haven't done a news report for about 8 months since mid February. I thought that the series should be rejuvenated but under a new name. It, for now, seems to be just me doing the news. It will be released every Friday with the chance of a random one happening for special events such as updates or - if it lasts this long - any new GTA games released by Rockstar. So, let's get going with this week's news!

GTA Series

Finally! Grand Theft Auto V on the next gen has got a release date! As many of you will now know, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release date has been announced as November 18, 2014 and sadly, for PC players that is, the PC version has been delayed to January 27, 2015. Hopefully the delayed release date means that EVEN MORE can be added to GTA V than is already being added exclusively to the Xbox One and PS4.

In other news, new MichaelFranklin and Trevor artwork plus much more is available for download from

This Week's Video

This week's featured video is: Grand Theft Auto V: "A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip", released by Rockstar on September 12, 2014 for the announcement of the release dates for GTA V on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Grand Theft Auto V “A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip”-101:16

Grand Theft Auto V “A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip”-1

That's all for this week! See you same time next week, and as usual, have a good afternoon, good evening, and good night, wherever you are!