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Taking Aim at GTA Online cheaters

Rockstar Games is now strcitly aiming at the large numbers of cheaters in Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar is now giving several penalties to the cheaters and advices to players attacked and suffered from cheats.

Those who actively engaged in cheating and exploiting the game in this manner will, however, be subject to in-game penalties at our discretion. This may include being placed in isolated cheater pools or banned from GTA Online altogether. relates Rockstar Games, they will automatically detect the cheater's account and ban it. Doing the action more strictly compared to the wave of cheaters in the multiplayer version of GTA IV. Currently, the work is being successfully completing, and cheaters are being banned.
Should you ever encounter someone in GTA Online that appears to be taking advantage of exploits in your session, we ask that you alert us directly via the in-game reporting functionality. In the Pause menu, under the Online tab, select Players and scroll to the offending player. From there, select Report and choose Exploits from the violation options. relates Rockstar Games, so fight for your justice, don't let yourself being underestimated by cheaters. Doing the following, you are not doing a favor for yourself only, but to another gamers aswell. - Thomas

Maintenance period

As many of you should know, GTA Online went down during the Thursday 16th January. Rockstar later explained that they were fixing minor problems and principally detecting cheaters. - Thomas

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