Hey guys and welcome to the Weekly news with VaultBoy, Thomas and Mikey. Here is your news for the week starting Monday 23rd December 2013.

Gaming News

The Capture Mode for GTA Online was released last wednesday for Xbox Live and PSN players. It includes 4 new game modes. These are Raid, Hold, GTA and Contend. You can find out more about these here. The update also fixed numerous bugs and exploits. You can read the full list here.

GTA San Andreas mobile version drawback

For unknown reasons, Rockstar Games deleted few songs from the original soundtrack of the game on the mobile devices. The songs are :

Playback FM

"Critical Beatdown"


"Running Down A Dream" and 

"Woman To Woman"

Bounce FM

"You Dropped A Bomb On Me", 

"Yum Yum" and 

"Running Away"

Radio Los Santos

"I Don't Give A f*ck" and "Express Yourself"

Radio X

"Killing in the Name of" and 


K-Jah West

"Ring My Bell" and 

"Don't Let It Go To Your Head"

Master Sounds 98.3

"Express Yourself", 

"Rock Creek Park", 


"Soul Power '74", 

"The Payback"

Caption This!

Hey guys and welcome to the first weekly Caption This! In Caption This, we will show you a photo from a GTA game. You must write a caption and at the end of the week, the best ones will be put into a poll for people to vote from. The winners will then be announced the following week. So, here goes! Here's your first photo!


A big honor

For all the readers of the news and contributors, I can proudly announce that the GTA Wiki Community successfully finished a big project started in October, the GTA Online missions articles.

Shortly after Rockstar fixed major issues with the multiplayer version of GTA V, GTA Online, me (Thomas) and Tom decided to create the articles of the missions in the game according to the video uploading order of the Youtube channel GTASeriesVideos. I recruited many editors around the Wiki to help with the project, and it's amazing to see that a lot of editors cooperated together, to achieve what we achieved.

All the 76 articles are written up in an exclusive identical look-alike method, following an exclusive manual of style with all the existing infobox ID's included, mission descriptions and the : Overview, Mission objectives, Trivia (if it has one) and the clean and detailed video walkthrough of GTASeriesVideos. All the images featured in the articles follow the image policy, correct named and copyrighted.

And again, I thank for all the contributors who joined and cooperated with solidarity, to consider this as an important achievement, and the gratefulness for all the thousands of GTA freaks using this website for their gaming sources.

Sincerely, Thomas.


Anyways, from all of us here at the GTA Wiki news, merry christmas, and a happy new year!