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Gaming News

GTA Online players have lately been discussing leaked information about the possibility of mansions being brought in to GTA Online to go as properties along with more apartments and even penthouses. If rumors are true, it is likely mansions will be cost around the million dollar mark.

Content creator creativity

On 31st December, Rockstar Games verified and congratulated few amazing Youtube channels for their creativity and awesomeness inventions with the Content Creator. Here are few of them.

The Youtube channel Gaming Horsemen, members of the The Last Rising Crew, use the concept of skipping stones across the water to create some semi-aquatic motorbike madness with a series of ramps and a fleet of motorcycles. As you can see, it's a very creative challenge but not so easy as it looks!
GTA Online - JUMP THE LAKE (ORIGINAL Created Mission!)06:28

GTA Online - JUMP THE LAKE (ORIGINAL Created Mission!)

As maybe many of you should know, the gamer Rechyyy, known for his amazing police chases, stunts abilities and driving skills in GTA V, published another video where he uses rockets to eliminate vehicles on his way. Rockstar discovered it and congratulated the channel. Rechyyy is also known for the viral Mount Chiliad Police Chase, with almost three million views. Here's the video congratulated by Rockstar.
GTA V - Content Creator (Police Chase)02:36

GTA V - Content Creator (Police Chase)

Caption This!

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Something To Leave You With

I found this pretty funny GTA video that I would like to share with you guys. Enjoy! --VaultBoy

GTA For Kids02:04

GTA For Kids