Hey guys and welcome to the 1 week anniversary of the wiki news! This week, Carl "CJ" Johnson gets arrested for drug abuse, Johnny Klebitz gets his head smashed in, and Claude learns how to speak. But first, to our main news.

Gaming News

The Beach Bum pack comes out for GTA V and GTA Online will be released tomorrow. Players will be able to use all new weapons; the SNS Pistol and even a Broken Bottle. There are 3 new vehicles and a whole load of new clothes. There are new jobs such as more Last Team Standings, Races and Deathmatches. There will even be more features for character customization. Heists are still to be announced.

Around Wikia

Soon, all images uploaded to wikia will be uploaded to one place. This means that possibly in a few hours, there may be a slight delay when trying to upload images. Here on the GTA Wiki, there is still a wait for a decision to be made on how to get the new admin. That means for you, Jeff and Dan, you guys need to vote on the Community Notice Board in order for the discussion to end.

That's it for todays wiki news. Tune in on Thursday to read what Tom has to say. In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.