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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hello and welcome to Weazel News with me, LS11sVaultBoy!

    I haven't done a news report for about 8 months since mid February. I thought that the series should be rejuvenated but under a new name. It, for now, seems to be just me doing the news. It will be released every Friday with the chance of a random one happening for special events such as updates or - if it lasts this long - any new GTA games released by Rockstar. So, let's get going with this week's news!

    Finally! Grand Theft Auto V on the next gen has got a release date! As many of you will now know, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release date has been announced as November 18, 2014 and sadly, for PC players that is, the PC version has been delayed to January 27, 2015. Hopefully the d…

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey guys. Rockstar just announced a cool new update coming to GTA Online coming to you tomorrow August 19, 2014. Enjoy!

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey there guys. I was reading through some articles on a website when I came across something. It is an interview with the owner of Take-Two. He says that Take-Two are likely to be not planning to make the GTA Series a permanent series. He says that with GTA Online, they may not need to make anymore games for the series.

    Despite the bad potentially terrible news, there was some which is good for some people. He says that if demand is high enough, it is likely that they will begin producing GTA V for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

    Read the full article here.

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey guys and welcome to the Weekly news with VaultBoy, Thomas and Mikey. Here is your news for the week starting Monday 17th February 2014.

    First of all, let us start off by saying sorry for the late news report, I personally have been pretty busy lately.

    The Valentine's Day Massacre Special DLC pack was released for GTA Online on friday. It gave players two new vehicles - the Roosevelt and the Rat Loader, which was previously attained using a glitch. All upgrades for the Rat Loader (excluding paint jobs) are free until the end of February. The DLC also released a new gun, the Gusenberg Sweeper. This gun is based on the Thompson, the main mobster weapon in America during the 1920s. The pack also features a wide arrange of new suits.


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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey guys, happy February and welcome to the Weekly news with VaultBoy, Thomas and Mikey. Here is your news for the week starting Monday 3rd February 2014.

    Hey guys. I'm proud to announce that the image problem seems to be dying away now and there are now only a few broken images left. If you see a broken image in the meantime, type in the name of that image into the search bar, and upload a new version of it. This will therefore fix the problem. -- VaultBoy

    Not much news this week but we're sure that there will be more to come next week. Ciao -- VaultBoy

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