I've been thinking alot recently, and I have some cool ideas for GTA 5. I think it should DEFINITELY be set in Los Santos, especially Vinewood. The main character could be Niko Bellic/ Packie McCreary. For Niko Bellic, it could be the entire thing that he wanted to start fresh after his criminal ways in Liberty City. Although, he has become a famous criminal, and word of him has spread. After word has broke out that he has come to Los Santos, the Los Santos criminal underworld wants to employ him. You could also do side missions for celebrities like Cloe Parker, such as paying off people and getting things for them. I also have some cool ideas for Niko's new girlfriends. One girlfriend could be a everyday girl trying to make it big, who has the same kind of personality as Kiki or Carmen from GTA 4. Another girlfriend could be a huge superstar actress/model/singer who has a personality similar to Alex from GTA 4. If the relationship level was high enough, she could give Niko luxury cars, money, etc. Some main characters could be journalists too, in which you would have to "take out" the competition, and get stories for them with your camera phone, you could do the same kind of missions, but as a job. Your job could be a "paparazzo" in which you would work for a journalist by taking photos for them. Also, they could make the girlfriends look a lot hotter! These are just some of my ideas.