Ok, so a few weeks ago Wikia changed it's overall style, and now it seems as though the whole GTA Wiki looks much, much worse. Not in the sense of community, but in the sense of it's aesthetics. Below is a screenshot of what the front page looks like (to me) on a 1920x1080 screen.

Front page

As you can see, it just doesn't look good. I think the biggest fault is the background and navigation image. The background has all of that white space, and the header doesn't reach the sides of the page. Not only that, but the whole front page just seems out of preportion. I think we can all agree that this needs to be changed.

So I think we'll need a new background for the wiki. It can't be very detailed, due to the 300 KB file size, but it needs to be a high resolution, so it can fit well on monitors like mine.

As for the Wiki's content in general, I'm not sure. I barely know how it all works since Wikia wasn't working for me from the change up until today.

Anyway, I guess this is just a starting point in the road to recovery for the Wiki's formatting issues. That is, if it actually does have issues. It could be entirely me, but anyway, leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. I look forward to reading them.