So, as of next Thursday it will be exactly 10 months since the release of GTA V, and by August 1st, it will be 10 months since the launch of GTA Online. As we may have believed in the gameplay video we were going to be able to have Heists as soon as the game was released. We were told after the Valentine's Day Special that the updates would be Dangerous Business Pack, Capture Creator and Heists. We were then told in Spring to expect the Capture Creator Tool, The High Life Update and then Heists. Spring is now over and we have had two other DLCs. The Hipster update was stupid and the cars were awful and overpriced, and the clothing wasn't that exciting. Then we had the Independence Day update. The fireworks were pretty cool and it's nice that they have added a Musket, and the new apartments aren't too bad, but the vehicles suck and are still overpriced, the clothing isn't that great and it's NOT HEISTS. Rockstar are still delaying it, and as soon as an east way to do something is done via a mission, they patch it so we can't do it anymore. It all boils down to the Cash Cards. Rockstar make us have no way whatsoever do make decent money besides buying the stupid cards worth stupidly high amounts of money. Like $50 for 3.5mil which could get you a house and two or three cars and that's it. I have NEVER bought a cash card and will never buy one. I think Rockstar have sold out and only care about money. III: they get lots of money, VC: more money, SA: lots of money, IV; about the same as VC, V gets them a lot of money, but as soon as Online starts, no more money because we find ways to get our own, selling cars, doing missions repeatedly, then BANG! those ways are patched out and we're left with no way to make cash. R* made over $1billion off GTA V but it's still not enough. I mean $100 for the highest cash card. What kind of idiot would do that, you could two games for the same price, more if they were used. Opinions, are Rockstar scamming us so they get more money? Will we ever get our Heists? Cos let's be honest, as soon as the Heists come out (if they ever do) Rockstar they'll lose cards money.