THIS POST HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD. PLEASE REDIRECT ALL VOTES AND COMMENTS THERE. A message for our bureaucrats and admins, The Tom, Ilan xd, Messi1983, LS11sVaultBoy, Dodo8, JBanton, Mikey Klebbitz & Thomas0802.

To any other users, please leave voting to more senior staff members, that are listed above.

I immediately want to point out I'm not stirring up trouble to any new users applying for promotion, but events of the last few days makes me think this should be suggested. With the problems the community faced with RainingPain17 I propose the following;

Each user applying for Patroller rights with inexperience or 2 months of joining should go through a three month trial basis or probationary period if a majority yes vote is reached, to prove whether or not they can do the job. Due to a few inexperiences and disputes, Andre has agreed if his vote goes this way, as it stands right now this is the case. Please leave your votes tomorrow. If this goes towards a negative majority vote then please delete the post. If there is a positive majority vote then we could put this into the Staff policies. If there is more questions, please leave them on my talk page.



  • I agree that this sounds like the correct thing to do. Also, I believe that this should be moved to the community noticeboard so people can see it easier. LS11sVaultBoy (Talk) 16:36, January 9, 2015 (UTC)