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Leon Davis October 13, 2014 User blog:Leon Davis

A few months ago I asked what returning vehicles you'd like to see in a DLC for GTA V. But what would you like to see added to either GTA V and Online? Except Heists and no stupid suggestions like aliens and zombies. That's not GTA, that CoD. Personally, I'd like a day job type DLC where you could be a cop, or a paramedic or firefighter like earlier GTA games, or other jobs because you can drive a Tow Truck or a cab but it just doesn't seem to be enough, there needs to be more ways to make cash. In the way of new cars I'd like to see a newer Cavalcade FXT based off of the second gen Cavalcade, but I'd like to see the older one too. I also feel a Saleen S7 would be amazing. Let me know what you want to see.

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