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GTA Online: Lowrider DLC Announced

Leon Davis October 16, 2015 User blog:Leon Davis

See LS from the driver's seat in a different perspective, with the new GTA Online Lowriders DLC. Featuring new vehicles including the clean Voodoo, Moonbeam and Faction from GTA IV, as well as new customization option to muscle cars. The DLC also includes a new modification shop, Benny's Original Motor Works, to complement the hydraulic feature for vehicles. As well as the machete and machine pistol, there is also new missions in GTA Online for Lamar. Sounds good? The DLC brings a lot of vehicles requested since the release; one flaw. Like its predecessor, this DLC is exlcusive to the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Leave your rants, excitement and thoughts below.

Personally, looks good but I wish they released it before the shitty hipster, flight school and Ill Gotten Gains DLCs.

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