UPDATED October 29: As part of the expansion of the Bikers DLC, there are two new vehicles in GTA Online this week. The Pegassi Vortex and the LCC Sanctus are now available for purchase. There is also a new adversary mode, Lost vs Damned. Rockstar have also confirmed that the Franken Stange and Lurcher are available again until November 15, along with character customization options from last year's Halloween Surprise.

That's not all. As part of the celebration of three years of Grand Theft Auto Online, you can get 30% off the most popular content from all updates since November 2013. That's still not all, you can earn a free GTA$250k just for logging on Monday, October 31. The cash will be available from your character's Maze Bank account on Friday, November 4. The most popular DLC vehicles are 30% until next Monday, November 7. The full list of discounts can be seen here.

There is also triple RP and huge cash payouts for winning this week's Premium Race; Nightlife. Valid October 25 to October 31.

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