Ok, so in ten days, it will have been a year since the release, so I turn to you; GTA fans and Wikia users. What are the best parts of GTA V, and what's the worst? We were promised great things; were we happy. Where could they have been better. Where could they improve it? What could not be better?


The size of the map: I was satisfied with the size of the map. Whether it's an Entity XF speeding down the Los Santos Freeway against the backdrop of the San Andreas sunset, or flying high above the lights of the Los Santos nightime skyline, it's amazing. And the extra towns are fun little places to be, such as the beachside town of Paleto Bay, or speeding away from pissed off rednecks in Sandy Shores.

The cars: A majority of them are amazing. The Entity XF defintely excelled as the best of the land vehicles, while the Dubsta failed as the worst car ever, one of the series' worst. Most of them were fun though, from flying off road in the Dune Buggy, to tearing up the streets in a bright red Carbonizzare.

The graphics: Los Santos at night from Vinewood Hills, nothing looks better. The ocean from Vespucci Beach. Flying over Blaine County and being able to see for miles. The ultimate graphics experience.


The storyline, come on; We were promised a long storyline. A mere 70 missions was a joke. The missions were longer, as Rockstar promised, but can't we go back to the days of San Andreas, where you could spend days trying to complete 100+ missions, but I guess that made the best GTA game next to V, so amazing. A lot of the cut missions looked fun, and the payment system. I found myself annoyed, driving a Packer with an Entity XF, a Cheetah, a Stinger, a Monroe, a Z-Type and an armed JB 700, knowing I'd be better off keeping the truck for myself and ask Lester to find a buyer. Instead, I give it Devin's assistant and get fuck all. Also, Franklin saves Michael from Madrazo, from some angry rednecks, the FIB and the Chinese, all so I can kill him anyway. Why would you choose to kill a father figure than some douche hippy who scams everyone he knows. But sure, it's better than GTA IV's A-C mission system. Drive from A to B, shoot C and return to A.

Money; How many times were you nearly killed for nothing. Kill every Balla in Davis and nearly get killed by half of the LSPD. Nothing. Rob a security van and hold off the other half of the LSPD. Nothing. Steal $8 million from a bank. $450,000. I was hoping heists would be, rob a bank, keep the cash, buy expensive cars and a big house. No, steal for everyone else, get paid little to nothing. Sure we were rich after the last heist, but only if you play the stock market, and it doesn't always work anyway. It could've been better.

LSPD, what assholes; They were too agressive. It's nearly impossible to lose a wanted level without being Wasted or Busted. If you do, your car's probably been totalled due to the repeated rammings. And not to mention; who at Rockstar decide that a GTA game required turbo charged cop cars?

Let me know, what did you love about V? What do you hate about V?