Well, the year is drawing to a close. As we get into Christmas and the last week of the year it's time to look back. What was your best moment in/on:

GTA V: I got my first full year with V as did most of the wiki community. Was it worth waiting two years? No, no way. GTA V is a great game but there are many flaws. I'll leave those rants on the GTA V Best and Worst blog post I did a few months ago. Still considering the enhanced version as it looks both new and improved.

Online: I worked extremely hard Online this year going from Rank 27 to 161 (I wasn't quite into it when it was released as everything took forever to take off, but once I got to around rank 40 I was enjoying myself and making better cash in better jobs, not just Blow Up I, II & III non-stop), which is where I was last Christmas (as I thought to where I was last time it snowed in LS as I free roamed last night). I originally stayed on Del Perro Heights, and by February I was sick of it, the view was awful and it was the same design as all the other apartments. By Apil after a marathon weekend of jobs, I raised $450,000 and moved into Eclipse Towers, and haven't left since. Coincidentally, the next weekend was the 2x RP & GTA$ weekend and I bought the new Tinsel Towers condo when High Life was released (staying until the summer when I barely any cash left and moved into Hangman Avenue, which has now been replaced by the garage on Exceptionalists Way. As the months progressed I worked a new system; $100,000 a day (set a target of $100,000 and work in days until you have what you want) and ended up with a Turismo R, Zentorno & Entity XF within 2 and a half weeks. Everything is cool Online now, I just have to wait for Heists and I'll stop doing missions.

On the wiki: Obviously: Promotion. The highlight of my year on the GTA Wiki was getting a Patroller position. After making bureaucrat on another wiki, I decided I wanted to step things up here, due to the amount of time I spend here. I applied on July 24, 2014 and a surprise message on August 3rd told me I had the position. It's great to be part of the staff, working with the other patrollers, as well as the admins and bureaucrats. The revelation of my age in September (46 as of November 11 this year) was amusing as it surprised many.

Elsewhere in GTA: I returned to GTA IV this year after a 6 month absence, caused by my purchase of EFLC. It was mainly the length of the 90 mission storyline compared to GTA V's disappointing 70 mission storyline. I still rank it 5th in my top GTA games (SA, V, VCS, TBOGT, IV) and TBOGT usually comes out on top when I feel like roaming Liberty City. I also did a first in SA, I finally passed those Zero missions that usually stay on the radar after End of the Line and beyond.

So, what was the highlight of your GTA year? Whether it be on the wiki, in GTA V/Online or any other game in the series. Post your comments but keep it civil.

Have a very merry Christmas and I'll be back editing in January.