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    GTA V Theory.

    July 2, 2013 by MadnessMan5770

    Gta v theory

    The main character, or the most important one was michael, a man who resides in a rich house with a feuding 

    family. claims he wants more than just living luxurious. he wants adventure.

    another character goes by the name trevor phillip, a man who resides in the countryside who seems to be a hitman, 

    but in trailer #2 he says "ignore the dead bodies, just sign the contract."

    the next main character would be franklin, residing in the city's local ghetto-hood. He seems to be tired 

    of his life, telling his aquaintance that hes tired of throwing up gang signs. He also feudes with his 

    wife, for his job is stealing cars( get more into depth later)

    a minor character that plays an important role, like a flat character(plot moving) is michaeā€¦

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