File:Gta San andreas Finding Bigfoot part 1
Hi guys and welcome back to the blog I'm sorry for not keeping up with my schedule I was bussy finishing my school I'm hope that I will keep up with my blog I had time only to make my video's. Now let's get to the blog so as you might know I do my video's and then I make a blog post please take 12 minutes to watch the video to understand what this blog is all about and part 2 will hopefully come out today or tommorow I mean the video. After I was done making the video I wasn't done yet I stayed in the cabin for about the whole in game day holding my camera and using it and looking  around with it looking around from each un glassed window for about one real life hour it was so boring that I was watching one episode of the walking dead season 7 then when I was done there I took my quad and I did take all of back o beyond like 5 times no not 5 times I'm just over exaggerating I just whent around back o beyond for like two times yes twice. Any how was going around until I saw the abandoned car It spawned in green and it had the same damages Then I  started to think again what could cause a car to be damaged so strongly then it came in my mind again Big foot yes Big foot it just could be big foot because if you look closely the car has huge scratches that it even looked like claw marking and then I thought who could make such huge scratches it could be Big foot I mean Big foot does have huge claws and also he does have huge nails because of the size of his body. Then the dent's the den't could also be big foot because Big foot does have big claws or hands so I made gave it a I was investigating the terain until I turned my back until I found a little black figure in the distance but I was running to it until it vanished then I was thinking was that Big foot or was it another creature well I knew that it wasn't Big foot because Big foot is supposed to be 8 feet tall and that figure was like 3 feet tall. Then it came to the colour the colour of  Big foot is between brown and black and the figure was black so it could have been the woods figure or it could be something totaly different who knows what there in the woods. 

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