Hi huys it's MidoTheGamer2 and this is my first blog yes a blog did you know that I'm going to start making a blog The blog will be based on the grand theft auto series but I'm just going to make blogs from the 3d era for the moment because I don't have the resources for gta IV and gta V. But most importantly in my blog I'm going to feature of camera content such as uncovered stuff that I missed out from the video. Also the blog will come out after the video with a few days.

So we're done with the introduction. Now! Let's get too the blog today I'm going to talk about what happened after I wen't off camera the first thing that I did immediately I oppened gta san andreas and I opened one of my finished game loads and I took the aircraft to the dessert of Las vanturas were from there I took a car directly from the airstrip to the investigation. If you're wondering were the location of the place it's located at bone county also remember to whatch the video to understand what I'm talking about the video is called gta san andreas the truth about the body bags AND it is uploaded by MidoTheGamer it's on youtube. Now back to the investigation the first thing I did is examine the bobcat because the are many abandoned cars in gta san andreas it was in one shape it was fine then I wen't and took out my dessert eagle gun and the I shot everything singlet bag and no blood came out and I was saying there most be an explanation for this so I again took out my nightvision and I turned it on and the hole and the body bags they were plain blue then I made some research and it said that when it shows that the item is blue it means It has been there for along. Now if you remember in the video the last clue was from that lady that is called Mary Beth Maybell she explains in each song something and un a few song she mentioned that she had 6 husbands and she killed them all then I wen't and counted each body bag and it was 6 then I told myself I mean there are many grave yards in San andress and I continued to investigate then she mentioned a 6 feet tall hole then I measured the hole and It was a 6 foot tall hole I didn't say anything I just continued the investigation finally she mentioned that she drives a pickup truck I said to myselfthat's it the case is over but I wasn't done there. I spawned myself a jetpack and I flew to a hiding spot near the hole then I took out my sniper gun and I stayed the whIle in game night precisely 20 minutes waiting to see maybe the radio girl might come and pickup the car or some event but the night passed by and I have found nothing. Just some police Rangers going around. Do I was done there wasn't anything to explain exept for the great view.

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