I always had an idea for racing, and seeing how I love GTA V, I thought this might be a good place to put this.

Major changes

  • Addition of a racecar class, a series of vehicles from assorted classes which have improved performance to be competitive amongst each other. The Jester Racecar and Masscacro are put into the racecar class as well. Racecars will feel similar to their base models, (9F Racecar will feel like a normal 9F, for instance) and may (dependent on vehicle) take after a different vehicle type. 
  • Now possible to race otherwise unraceable classes -- Commercial, Emergency, Tanks (Rhinos only), and Buses. Commercial, Tanks and Buses are only raceable on tracks with a large or greater space at the start line. 
  • Multi-class racing -- Ever wanted to challenge your friend's Bati 801 skills with your Zentorno? Up to four seperate vehicle classes can be raced amongst each other, and seperate reward pools can be provided for each class. A large pool is still offered for placing first overall.
  • Players are able to create their own classes of up to 20 vehicles. Exclusive content (Elegy, Returning Players Rewards) does not count towards this limit. Personal Vehicle usage is also determined by the list (no personals, only if in list, or part of raceable classes)

New Vehicles

All vehicles will have a livery associated with them, with the notable exception of the Rattler Classic, as that vehicle is not meant to be a racecar at all. 

Variants of existing

  • Vapid Rattler, a racecar variant of the Dominator. Based off the Shelby GT500. Still as unpredictable as ever.
  • Annis Ballad, a racecar variant of the Elegy RH8. Based off the Nissan GT-R 35 GT500. No actual performance boost, as the vehicle is already very good. Available to Social Club accounts for a reduced price.
  • Obey Rennen, a racecar variant of the 9F. Based off the Audi R8 LMS. "Rennen" is race in German.
  • Grotti 269 Competzione, a racecar variant of the Carbonizzare. Based off of the Ferrari 458.* 
  • Pfister Blitzen, a racecar variant of the Comet. Based off the Porsche Carrera GT.*
  • Inverto Vetran, a racecar variant of the Coquette. Based off the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. 
  • Pegassi Toro, a racecar variant of the Vacca. Based off the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera. 
  • Benefactor Feltzer (Racecar), racecar variant of the (obvious) Feltzer. Identical to normal Feltzer.
  • Vapid Bullet GT, racecar variant of the (again obvious) Bullet. Based off the Ford GT40.*

All these vehicles will cost $110,000 more than the "Street" variant, and most will share mods with their street counterparts. Those with a * do not share mods because they either are too different or need an optional spoiler to be competitive. 

New vehicles

  • Obey Pacer, a $675,000 indycar based off the Audi R10. Raced in the super class. Has very high traction on tarmac, but very poor performing offroad and at lower speeds. Otherwise, comparable to Zentorno in terms of speed around a track.
  • Vapid Osmosis, a $220,000 NASCAR based off the Ford Fusion NASCAR variant. Extremely good acceleration and top speed, especially when compared to other Racecars, but outright suffers in the corners. Essentially the Hakuchou of the racecars class. 
  • Vapid Rattler Classic, a $475,000 Sports Classic based off the Shelby Cobra 427. Not the fastest or the best sports classic, but a good car all-around.
  • Principe Velocity, a $62,500 Motorcycle based off the Ducati Panigale. The endurance runner of the motorcycles, setting off its abnormally slow acceleration with very good cornering, and Thrust-besting top speed. Able to be wheelied at any speed, making it a very solid choice for motorcycle racing. 
  • Karin Concord, a $125,000 sedan which is raceable in the off-roads class. Based off the Subaru Impreza WRX-STI RallyCross. As expected, very good off-road performance to offset its somewhat overly eager handling on road. 
  • Karin Baja, a $105,000 baja buggy meant to be the very meaning of off-road thrills. Enjoys the air about as much as it enjoys the dirt, which it absolutely adores. 

Other new additions

  • Clothing - Racing suits which are designed in several cardinal colors (red, blue, yellow, purple, black, etc), as well as variants which match specific vehicles. Bought as full outfits without helmets, which are sold seperately. 
  • Increase in checkpoint count for Content Creator races. Up to 100 checkpoints, so go ahead, create an "Around the Map" race. 
  • Usable amount of props doubled for the enhanced versions of GTA V. 
  • New race type: Hotlap. Host sets a certain amount of laps, and the players have to run the fastest lap possible. Available in GTA variant as well. Catch-up does not work, as finishing first does not matter.
  • Host has the option to turn on temporary non-contact during a contact race. For the first few seconds of a race, players will not be able to hit another player. This would reduce the havoc oftentimes seen at the beginning of races. 
  • Slipstream effects can be changed from normal (100%) to minor (25%) to superhigh (200%). Superhigh slipstream races do not count towards the wins and losses a player experiences.
  • Host has the option to remove the DNF counter, or set it so a higher percentage of players have to cross the line for it to start.
  • Assorted class re-organization
    • The Futo and Blista Compact are re-classified as Compacts, and are no longer race-able in the Sports class.
    • The Kuruma and Sultan are raceable in the Off-road class.
    • The Merryweather Mesa is raceable in the SUVs class.
    • The Enduro is raceable in the Off-roads class.
    • Vehicles which are not necessarily off-road vehicles (Baller, Patriot, Tornado, etc.) are no longer raceable in the Off-roads class.
    • The Masscaro Racecar and Jester Racecar are re-classified as Racecars, but still raceable in Sports class.

Bug fixes

  • Fix the odd spawning car/pedestrian glitch during races which have traffic set to off. 
  • Off-road tires no longer provide any effect to performance
  • Lag compensation adjustments so nonexistent collisions do not happen as often.
  • Lamp posts and other props no longer fall for no reason.
  • Fix to current issues for selecting "Quick Job" and causing the game to do nothing,
  • Other miscelianeous and minor bugs.

Explenations of choice

  • Returning vehicles
    • Most of the vehicles available as racecars are common sportscars in Online. Most of these are non-competitive in the class, and it's a real shame to see all these good vehicles unraceable because their performance is inferior.
    • The muscle car picked is a high-end muscle, and very competitive in the class. It also is there for uniqueness, as to provide a reason for muscle car users to come back.
    • The Supers picked are lower-end, and also fairly common choices of Supers. The Bullet is a notable exception to the latter, as this wouldn't be a racing update if the Bullet was ignored.
  • New vehicles
    • Pacer - Who wants to own an IndyCar? This is one of those vehicles which you would stop and ask yourself "seriously?" because it's outrageous in terms of GTA, just like the Dubsta 6x6 and Hydra. 
    • Osmosis - NASCAR is a very big automotive sport in some regions of the world, another one of those additions which is pretty much required for it to be a racing update. The performance layout of being fast and quick, but lacking cornering is to provide a unique feel, and also allow people who like the more stubborn turning vehicles (Hotknife, Rat-loader) to have a competitive vehicle to call their own.
    • Rattler Classic - While the 427 isn't a racecar in its own right, it is a classic vehicle which I always associated with racing for some reason.
    • Velocity - The Motorcycles class is a fairly even class as it is, and the Velocity seeks to compliment this. It also aims to be a more competitive variant of the Akuma, a vehicle which lacks any power in longer circuits.
    • Concord - GTA really needs more hatchbacks, even though most hatchbacks in how they're implemented in GTA are utterly horrendous, the Concord seeks to be a "goo" hatchback, while at the same time, having some measure of use. It may also encourage players to try classes other than Super, and Sports, and Super, and Muscle, and Super... (seriously, that's how I feel it is at times).
    • Baja - The Injection doesn't do Baja proud, and having a baja buggy would be a very fun vehicle to drive, even when not racing it. 
  • Clothing
    • Another "no-duh" kind of thing. If you have all these real nice racecars, why not turn your character into someone which looks at-home in the driver's seat of one of them? 
  • Creator adjustments are there to allow people to create longer races, and use more props for elaborate races. 
  • Class re-organization - I feel like the greater part of that makes sense, as the Off-roads class needs a lot of re-organizing to make it better. Some vehicles don't belong at all (I'm looking at you, Tornado), while others would make the class better if they were added. The Futo and Blista Compact are more at-home (and competitive) in the Compacts class.