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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    What's up, Wikiinators? I am Mikey Klebbitz with Wiki News.

    Don't forget to leave your comments below, and enjoy the news.

    So, as many of you are aware, Rockstar has released GTA Online's 1.07 update, which features some quite interesting changes:

    • the BETA race creator;
    • the BETA deathmatch creator;
    • Capture, a new team job mode, which is meant to be featured in another DLC, later this month.

    Great, right? Well, check this out;

    R* has some plans for 2014:

    • the team heists DLC is one of the plans for next year;
    • in GTA V singleplayer, they are working on DLC 's, in Southern San Andreas; could this include one or more cities/states?

    Here are the links, if you wanna check them out.

    • BETA creator;
    • Captur & 2014 plans;

    The Wiki News Team (Me, Vaultboy and Tom) a…

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey, fellow Wikiians, how are you? This is Mikey Klebbitz, with the Sunday Edition of the Wiki News.

    We're getting closer to the release date of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle smartphones! So, here are some news about it:

    Online Gadget Store has let the gamers awaiting for their smartphone SA fun know, that Newswire's opinion was that the game was improved, in terms of characters and car models (we'll have to wait, to see what that means), the graphics were redesigned, the colors of th game are more vivid, and the draw distance is larger. All of the GTA San Andreas fans who want to go 1992 all over again on their smartphone, should have their mobile version, later this month.

    Switching to …

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hello, Wiki News readers! Mikey Klebbitz here.

    I wanted to apologize for not bringing you the news yesterday, for family reasons. But let's go to the news:

    GTA San Andreas is releasing its new version this month! 9 years before it's first release, in 2004, San Andreas's new version is expected to have slightly improved graphics, including some graphic bugs fixed. Will there still be players who report witnessing the famous myths?...

    Here's some GTA V news. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is going to sue Rockstar, because she believes the woman in a red bikini is a portrait of herself.

    That's it for this session, don't forget to tell me what do you think about the news in the comments.

    As a side question, I wanted to ask you what is your fave music in…

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    What's up folks, hope you're ready for the Sunday Edition of the Wiki News, with today's host, Mikey Klebbitz.

    After the launch of the recent Beach Bum Pack, it looks like this DLC hasn't gathered much sympathy from the GTA Online players community. Most complaints are about a glitch that would make every vehicle the player owned disappear after the update. I've made the update, and I still have my car though. A theory made by some players is that the ones whose cars disappeared were those players who continuously made use of the car selling glitch in the first version.

    With the 1.06 update, the car selling glitch (partially, watch this video), the walking under water glitch and other glitches have been fixed.

    I'm having a bit of a problem getti…

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  • Mikey Klebbitz

    Hey everyone, welcome to the Sunday edition of the Wiki News, with me, Mikey Klebbitz, with the latest news about Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

    We're only two days away from the first DLC for GTA Online: the Beach Bum Pack. This expansion features quite a number of new things, such as:

    • the BF Bifta, a dune buggy, hilariously named after cannabis;
    • the Bravado Paradise, a new van with some resemblance to the Rumpo van;
    • the Canis Kalahari, an off-road truck.

    After downloading the pack, these vehicles will be automatically stored in the singleplayer garage.

    • the Broken Bottle, effective for close-up, one-on-one brawls;
    • the SNS Pistol, a stubby, yet powerful new handgun;

    After downloading the pack, these weapons will be automatically a…

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