the other day I was playing EFLC(TLAD) , and made Johnny take a prostitute for a ride, to talk about life, have a beer, have I parked in front of the Unique stunt jump in Cerveza Heights and they were having some fun.

"Get on here!", "Don't bite bite it, baby."-hehe-, "I'm trying to economize...", were all quotes from Johnny. And the girl saying the usual stuff ("I'm going into orbit now"), and then I got Johnny out of the car. He says "Sorry for that."

All of a sudden, she says "Five-O, Five-O!" in a male deep voice...WTF?-I could tell it was her, because it was a a voice totally different from Johnny's voice, and the street was misteriously desert - and I made Johnny get the money back. Yeah, because you hear commercials like: "If you're not satisfied, we'll get you your money back", and that sort of things.

I laughed so bad when I heard it...anyway, if you wanna say something about this comment this blog post.

BTW:Remember my last post, the multiplayer stuff? I said I would talk about GTA the next time I'd write. I will soon.