here it is the GTA V post I was talking about the other day.

I've got a Youtube account, and sometimes I subscribe to GTA V dedicated channels, and from time to time watch "GTA V news" from an account named GTA 5 Videos and there was a video of a letter that Rockstar sent to the one of the channel's guys.I personnaly think it's bluff, but whataver. And the supposed letter said that GTA V was in its "final phase of development" and that they haven't announced anything yet because as they had to delay other games many times because they included things that got the games to get out later before, and as they wanted to be sure not to release wrong info, they are awaiting GTA V being over to be over to release new trailers and stuff like that.

Now, on a different line, you should know that following GTA Engine, a GTA site Rockstar will go to a meeting with the whole Take-Two crew in 20th September and GTA V is very likely to be announced.

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Link to the youtube video

Link to site page

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