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Hello, hello, sit back and enjoy the news, folks.

So, I've seen this GTA Forums post, where a fellow GTA fan went to Google Translator and (poorly) translated some information from the brazilian edition of Playstation Magazine (at least, that's what he said).

Some of the info reveals that Michael won't start the game in his mansion, he will start the game in the Von Crastenburg Hotel.

The intel also seems to point out that Franklin has no family and few (if any) chips in his pocket. But of course, there's also a lot of things we already knew a long time ago in there.

Read it, and tell me if you believe the information and what you think.

I'll see you in the next week, hopefully to present you with Grand Theft Online's trailer. Until then, behave yourselves, and try to avoid the LCPD. Bye.

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