How's it going everybody?

The other day I thought of how some games deserve remakes(you know, for more upgraded consoles/pc), and decided to write about the GTA's that should be re-made.But I'll only list those who didn't have much on their favor by being either old or made for "not that great" consoles.

Here we go:

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: San Andreas was THE blockbuster, of them GTA's.It was the game with more guns, more liberty, more reality and more creative missions of the GTA 3 era.It was very well thought and deserves being made with better graphics for this gen's consoles.
  • Grand Theft Auto: III: It was the breakthrough for the GTA series-we now had 3 dimensional mayhem.It could be made for "this age" consoles too.It has to be homaged in my opinion.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars: It was firstly made just for Nintendo DS, and as we all know DS ain't exactly the best console out there, but as R* didn't have a GTA for DS they made CW.Then they made it to the PSP(which is what I have), iPad and ios.Let me tell you, the ones losing the most were the owners of PSP's: because of the game being made mainly for the Nintendo, it didn't have voice actors or "normal" graphics.The drugs minigame, Huang's wicked personality and the new features made me keep the game, though.

Because of that, I believe the game would get out of the"shadow zone" and be a real hit if it was re-made(GTA:4 graphics, voice actors and a new character like they did for PSP(Melanie Mallard) but this time,a GTA 4 trilogy character to add even more interest to the game with new missions)

That's all for now, if you have something to say make sure you leave a comment.