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Hove Beach Tourism Syndicate advertisement; new GTA V artwork I've just found and uploaded.

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Hey readers! Today I've got two things for you.

So, in my cruising throughout Hove Beach, I've found an ad, made by the Hove Beach Tourism Syndicate, which is a sub-section of the Liberty City Board of Tourism. Check the ad out:



As you can see (I hope you can), Niko and Brucie are featured here, riding a Hellfury, which is just...genetically different, baby.

Now, I've also got a new GTA V artwork I found ten minutes ago and uploaded right away to the Wiki after checking if it was a true artwork:


So you a Balla, son...Imma kill you. -Franklin

As you can see by the *B tattoo on his neck and the purple clothing, this guy is a Balla. Now, I don't think Franklin will be best friends with him...what do you think?

Alright, that's it for today, leave your opinions on the ad and the shiny, new GTA V artwork in the comments below and remember to check my blog posts every week, 'cause there might just be something for you.

See you later, folks! :)

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