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Hungry Protags, Episode 2: Niko Bellic; Guys with wigs; my GTA Chinatown Wars tragedy.

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Hey, fellas. What's up?

Remember that blog post about the hungry side of Johnny Klebitz? Well, Niko Bellic gets hungry too:






Nice "Yummy" face, right? Now I see why Niko could only have three in-game girlfriends...

Let's move on to the next topic: Guys with Wigs. Did you know that some guys wear wigs, in GTA IV? I took pics. Here's all of the proof you need:

As the last topic, I've got my GTA Chinatown Wars tragedy. Yes, tragedy.

See, I bought GTA Chinatown Wars in February 2010, and I thought "This is gonna be a great game, you can trade drugs and make a lot of money, and the graphics should be the same too, no big change" (no I hadn't watched the trailers yet...but c'mon, it was a GTA!). I turned my PSP on after inserting the game. After a couple of minutes of gameplay my opìnion about the graphics drastically changed. But damn, was that fun! I wasn't familiar with the HD version of LC, since I only bought GTA IV and EFLC in 2011, so at first I thought Cerveza Heights had to do with Hepburn Heights...don't you laugh!!!!!!!

Well, after a couple of years of playing it, I was so fond of the game, that the other games I had (among which: GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, Killzone: Liberation, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0, God of War: Chains of Olympus, FIFA 7, PES 5, FIFA 11 and a lot more) were kind of neglected, in favor of Chinatown Wars. I knew LC frontwards and backwards, had all of the safehouses, a lot of drugs:

  • about 1200 bags of Heroin;
  • about 1500 bags of Coke;
  • about 4600 bags of Acid;
  • about 3700 bags of Ecstasy;
  • about 60000 bags of Weed;
  • about 45000 bags of Downers;

a lot of money (10.000.00$, because I always buying a lot of drugs at cheap prices and selling a lot of drugs at expensive prices), gold medals in almost every rampage, in every mission replay, in every side-mission, and every gun training at every gun at the LC Gun Club, 85 /100 security cameras gone, all of the Stunt Jumps Completed, both of the Lions of Fo encountered, had met all of the dealers, had a 95, 76% game completion...I had it almost all, even with a PSP bought in 2006 that'd either freeze and turn itself off, or open the UMD disk opening on its own.

And, in December of the past year I had already completed 99, 86% of the game completed, (though my new PSP still had a problem that made it stop the game for some seconds, sometimes freeze and turn itself off) so all I needed to end the game was one more rampage, because at GTA Forums, they counted 30, and I had 29 completed, if I recall correctly. I was always starting a new game, because having 97.502.149 $ and LOADS and LOADS of drugs was a bit boring.

I was saving the game and, accidentally I replaced the GRANDIOUS save game of my favourite game with a 35, 60 % completed new save game after completing Marcy's last random encounter, in which she died.

When I realized what I had just done, believe me, I almost had a nervous breakdown, and started punching anything that was in front of me.

Yesterday, I picked up from a 52, 55% completed save game I previously had, where I had less than 30 bags of each drug and 12000$. In less than two days, I now have 38.750$ and 185 bags of Cocaine, 65 of Heroin, 47 of Ecstasy, 52 of Acid, 260 of Weed and 150 of Downers, not including the bags I've already sold.

This is real, I'm not kidding around over here, this really happened to me.

Do you have any opinion about any of these topics? Write it below in the comments box.


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