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in this post I'm not going to make an opinion on something or anything like that.

I've got GTA:LCS, GTA:VCS, GTA:CW,(for psp) IV, TLAD and TBOGT(for ps3).When I started playing I didn't give that much attention to multiplayer gaming.Then when I got VCS, I was beginning to like the idea.And then I got the others and I wanted to give it a try.

Nobody was ever online at the time I tried.And I tried quite an amount of times.This was with the psp.

Now, I have a ps3 and really wanted to try multiplayer.The problem is, I don't have cable TV at home, so what did I think:"Maybe with the internet pen, if I link it to the ps with the USB.".And it didn't work.

This is not a cry for help, but if any of you can help me, comment.Just don't ask me to install cable tv.The prices are getting higher and higher, and I wouldn't just sign up to play online and get to see channels I don't even want to see.

Hopefully the next time I post here will be to talk of GTA V.It is going to, in fact.There's something I would like you to sort out with me.


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