here are the things I would really like to exist in GTA V :


  • Silenced guns
  • Realistic bullet damage:-Bullet to the head:Death or nearly dead(blurred out vision, slowness...);
                                        -Bullet to the chest/heart:dead(without body armor);
                                        -Bullet to the arms/hands:aiming damaged;
                                        -Bullet to the legs/feet:walking difficulted.
  • More guns than GTA:IV, TLAD and TBOGT put together
  • Teaser from GTA: CW
  • Home-made bombs
  • Customizable weapons


  • Different shows everyday of the week(after the first week it would repeat forever)
  • When major events(crimes, political speeches,...)ocurred, the channels could show them
  • News(always with the typical GTA humour of course)


  • Instead of going to their house, they could also come to the protagonist's house.
  • More activities:going out to clubs and really dig out the place
  • Watching movies
  • "Do it" in the car ;)


  • Watching TV with them
  • Invite them over


  • Customizable vehicles
  • More supercars
  • Planes


  • Characters from other GTA's
  • Interactive pedestrians
  • Pickpockets
  • Young protagonist-not that I have a problem with them oldies, but the young ones are raw


  • Ability to fly from one city to another after the game is over(with a certain amount of money)
  • All of the new San Andreas State playable, not just Los Santos.
  • New cities


  • Order food by phone available
  • Possibility of getting fat or thin
  • Supermarkets with food to buy(along with other products)


  • More sites
  • Comments made possible
  • Interactive blogs


  • Phones to buy
  • Numbers that'll pick up and talk to the player, but he won't answer


  • Houses to buy
  • Thieves that assault houses(can even assault the player's if the door is open)


  • Undercover cops
  • Enterable police stations
  • Handcuffs(can be stolen)
  • 24 hours search in buildings, the streets...


  • Big malls with clothing stores, supermarkets, car stands and internet cafes

This is my wishlist.Got an opinion?Write a comment.

See you around