Hi everybody,

this is my first blog post here, so I'll talk about something that's talked a lot right now:GTA V's release date.

First of all, note that the following is NOT officially confirmed so, wait for Rockstar to say something really credible.

That said, let the talk begin.


  • Fnac, a books, music, games (...) stores chain has GTA V availabe for people to pre-order(at least where I live(Portugal)) and has its expected release date for November .


  • Earlier this year, people believed that the game would come out in 24/05//2012, because of a moment in the trailer(0:54-0:55) where you could see 2405 in the floor, and what looks to be a blue Boxville with"We aim not to lose it" written in the rear.The date was clearly wrong seeing as nothing astonishing happened that day(not to the GTA fans, I think).

Most of the people supporting that theory, now think it'll come out on the 24th of May of 2013.

  • Some fans wait for it to launch in October(specifically the 25th of that month),mostly founded on what's written on the police car in the trailer and the presence in the E3(I hope it does :)) )
  • There are also those who think it'll come on this year's Christmas, which would make Rockstar win a lot(this if they had the game ready, of course), since the Christmas' people masses would make Rockstar win even more because the fans would certainly fill up the stores, and other people buying it to their friends and so on.
  • Finally, the ones who think we won't be that happy until 2013 begins.Some put their stakes on the first months, others think it'll only come near the summer.


The only thing, we can do is wait for Rockstar's confirmation on the release date.What is it going to be?

The moment I hear something official about it, I'll write about it in here.

Now, it's your time to say something.Comment.