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What's up folks, hope you're ready for the Sunday Edition of the Wiki News, with today's host, Mikey Klebbitz.

After the launch of the recent Beach Bum Pack, it looks like this DLC hasn't gathered much sympathy from the GTA Online players community. Most complaints are about a glitch that would make every vehicle the player owned disappear after the update. I've made the update, and I still have my car though. A theory made by some players is that the ones whose cars disappeared were those players who continuously made use of the car selling glitch in the first version.

With the 1.06 update, the car selling glitch (partially, watch this video), the walking under water glitch and other glitches have been fixed.


I'm having a bit of a problem getting enough money to buy a safehouse (I have 60.458$) and I wanted to ask if there's some way to get a bit more money, other than only doing jobs. Leave your answers in the comments.

This was the Sunday Edition with me, Mikey Klebbitz, don't forget to watch tomorrow's edition, with VaultBoy Tom.

See you next week, people.