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Hello, Wiki News readers! Mikey Klebbitz here.

I wanted to apologize for not bringing you the news yesterday, for family reasons. But let's go to the news:

GTA San Andreas is releasing its new version this month! 9 years before it's first release, in 2004, San Andreas's new version is expected to have slightly improved graphics, including some graphic bugs fixed. Will there still be players who report witnessing the famous myths?...

Here's some GTA V news. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is going to sue Rockstar, because she believes the woman in a red bikini is a portrait of herself.

That's it for this session, don't forget to tell me what do you think about the news in the comments.

As a side question, I wanted to ask you what is your fave music in GTA V/Online.

Don't forget to check out the Monday Edition with VaultBoyTom. Behave, people, have a great week, I'll see you in the next Sunday Edition.