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Hey, fellow Wikiians, how are you? This is Mikey Klebbitz, with the Sunday Edition of the Wiki News.

We're getting closer to the release date of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle smartphones! So, here are some news about it:

Online Gadget Store has let the gamers awaiting for their smartphone SA fun know, that Newswire's opinion was that the game was improved, in terms of characters and car models (we'll have to wait, to see what that means), the graphics were redesigned, the colors of th game are more vivid, and the draw distance is larger. All of the GTA San Andreas fans who want to go 1992 all over again on their smartphone, should have their mobile version, later this month.

Switching to Grand Theft Auto V, according to GameRant, the game has topped the Spike VGX Award Winners List, this year. Take a look at the website for some more information.

Last, but certainly not least, Independent has heard of some rumours (rumours are just rumours, but they're interesting, nonetheless) about a "Casino Heist" DLC for Grand Theft Auto V/Grand Theft Auto Online. Let's wait and see if this DLC will be, in fact launched.

Before you go...

What is your favorite GTA Online mission, thus far? Leave your opinions in the comments.

This was today, December 8th 2013's edition of the Wiki News, don't forget to check VaultBoy Tom's Wiki News tomorrow, Monday, December 9th 2013. See you next week.