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What's up, Wikiinators? I am Mikey Klebbitz with Wiki News.

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So, as many of you are aware, Rockstar has released GTA Online's 1.07 update, which features some quite interesting changes:

  • the BETA race creator;
  • the BETA deathmatch creator;
  • Capture, a new team job mode, which is meant to be featured in another DLC, later this month.

Great, right? Well, check this out;

R* has some plans for 2014:

  • the team heists DLC is one of the plans for next year;
  • in GTA V singleplayer, they are working on DLC 's, in Southern San Andreas; could this include one or more cities/states?

Here are the links, if you wanna check them out.

Future Editions

The Wiki News Team (Me, Vaultboy and Tom) are debating releasing the news only once per week, every Monday. Could you give us your opinion on this?

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