So we all know that Rockstar love basing their vehicles on multiple real life inspirations, but I've composed a list of vehicles that truly do resemble real life vehicles entirely.

Lampadati Casco

Most cars take multiple body designs, but the Casco is one of those few that takes almost everything from one real life car - the 3500GT. And boy has the result been good. A stunning car.


Albany Roosevelt

Not forgetting the Valor, the Roosevelt has a beautiful design, Rockstar really pulled off the design off, not to mention the theme of Valentines, and it's brilliant name.


Pegassi Vacca

Literally the only supercar that takes almost all of its design from one car - the legendary Gallardo. Spiritual predecessor of both the Reaper (rear) and Tempesta (overall) (see what I'm saying about multiple designs?), the Vacca is still an iconic car that deserves more attention.


Grotti Bestia GTS

A very good introduction, a beautiful design, shame it received quite a bit of hate at the beginning. It screams GTC4Lusso louder than its engine possibly could.


Obey Omnis

The legendary rally car it was built as, the Omnis takes almost every aspect from the Quattro's rally models, from the side profiling to liveries. Excellent replicate.


Lampadati Tropos Rallye

Speaks for itself. The name is fantastically thought through.


Dewbauchee JB 700

A British masterpiece. We just need the guns?


MTL Brickade

We need more trucks like this. The TGS is a fantastic truck, the Brickade certainly made a return.


HVY Cutter

Rockstar used their initiative with this one - it's literally a clone of the concept from the movie, just mirrored for the purpose of the mission. And then there's its color :).


Imponte Dukes

The iconic muscle car everyone needs. The Charger was excellently recreated with this fantastic design. Simple yet beauty.


There are certainly many more very close interpretations, such as the Ruiner, Phoenix, Nightshade, Dock Handler, Baller LE, Contender, Mamba, Kuruma, Futo, and aircraft like the Buzzard and Valkyrie.