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I've been doing some major experimenting this evening. I was driving around in a police chase with my Stallion in GTA IV, and noticed that a sudden hit on the breaks while cornering 90 degrees didn't actually cause the car to steer. It was at this moment I realized, the car doesn't have ABS, whereas many other cars I had done similar actions in, did. I'll talk you through it.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a system which stops wheels locking up under braking pressure. This system applies short bursts of braking pressure, rather than one constant amount of pressure, allowing the wheels to move for very short bursts of time.

To see whether a vehicle has ABS in the real world, several tests can be done with the car (assuming these tests were realistically doable in the GTA World).

Tyre mark pattern
  • While GTA does not implement this feature, ABS would cause tyre skids to be dashed rather than one long mark - think about the science here. If the wheel is freely able to move for a fraction of a second consecutively, the tyre mark from when the wheel isn't moving would only be a small mark. Testing this in GTA proved to be obsolete, as the game doesn't include this sort of mechanic. I have noticed, however, V skid marks have some sort of pattern on them, though it is extremely faint.
Steering ability
  • This test is actually incorporated into GTA, but listen carefully.

If the wheels are able to move freely for a fraction of a second, then they would be able to turn, so if a car has ABS, then the car will still be able to steer upon breaking, albeit slowly. This is one of the whole points of ABS - it prevents the wheels from locking up, so stopping is A) more effective and B) more safe, as the driver is able to steer out of harms way if necessary.

The thing is with this test, in GTA V in particular, EVERY car that has reasonable speed (literally everything except tractors, rhino, dozer, bicycles etc) is able to steer under braking pressure, because of the difference in V's physics. This means that, with this test, every car in GTA V has ABS. At the same time however, the previous test also proves that every car in GTA V hasn't got ABS, because all the skid marks are constant, solid, rather than dashed. From this, we only have one option; not even bothering mentioning ABS, because really, either every car HAS IT, or every car DOESN'T.

Now, in GTA IV, it's a different story. I have noticed that some cars, such as the Stallion, are not able to steer upon braking, meaning that the car does not have ABS. At the same time, other cars, such as the Bullet GT, are able to steer, meaning the car has ABS.

I've created a video demonstrating 2 cars, + a bonus Police Bike, demonstrating this. I also plan to do a video regarding ABS in GTA V.

GTA IV - ABS Testing01:08

GTA IV - ABS Testing


Featured in GTA game(s)
  • Can steer - ABS
  • Cannot steer - No ABS
Not featured in GTA game(s)
  • Constant tyre marks - No ABS
  • Dashed tyre marks - ABS

Thank you! Monk Talk 19:19, August 10, 2016 (UTC)