Hey guys!

So, as the title suggests, it's been recently speculated by myself and WildBrick142 that GTA Online DLC content may have already been prepared for future release in Grand Theft Auto V story mode. This is based in numerous file changes within the last few months of past DLC releases and patches.

So, let's get started!

So far, it can only really be seen that this applies to DLC vehicles. Recently, Rockstar added dozens more default car colors to Carvariations.ymt/GTAV - if you didn't know already, this file is responsible for giving cars default colors that will be applied to the vehicle when spawned in traffic or via trainer. These new colors were applied to numerous vehicles added in the Cunning Stunts update for GTA Online, but strangely only to some of those new vehicles. Vehicles such as the Drift Tampa, RE-7B, Trophy Truck, Desert Raid and Tyrus were all given new colors. New colors were also given to vehicles added in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC. What's more odd about this is the fact that some cars were simply given just 1 color scheme - replacing the old bog-standard "grey" color scheme with something more elegant, seen in the case with the 811. The FMJ, Bestia GTS and XLS all got new colors, but strangely the Reaper was missed out, and still has only bog-standard dark grey (ugly).

More strange additions were made onto the new Nero and Itali GTB vehicles - these cars were fitted with <flag>FLAG_COUNT_AS_FACEBOOK_DRIVEN</flag> - flags are parts of the vehicles.meta file that give cars certain yes/no factors. This particular flag is applied to most of the sports/super cars in the story mode of the game, found on Legendary Motorsport. It essentially tags the vehicle as a vehicle required to be purchased/driven/modified from Legendary Motorsport to count as progress towards the Facebook notification wherein the player has driven and modified all vehicles from Legendary Motorsport. What's strange about this is the fact that Nero and Itali GTB do not appear in story mode, and the Facebook notification only applies to story mode.

Finally, and most suspiciously, in the Import/Export update, new vehicle entry animations were given to the RE-7B and X80 Proto, these animations were for Michael, Trevor and Franklin, who, as well all know, have unique animations for many things, vehicle entry being among them.

Little evidence or not, this is certainly suspicious in some way or another, or is just another example of random changes or mistakes made by Rockstar?

Credits also to WildBrick142 for noticing these changes.