Top 10 reasons why GTA V is better than GTA Online, and vice versa!

10 Reasons GTA V is better than GTA Online

  1. Troll-free gameplay - Don't you just hate being killed randomly, by 10 year old gamers who scream down the mic, and "spray and pray", firing until they manage to get a headshot? Sometimes, when it's just too much of a warzone out there, you just need to play on your own, knowing no-one's there to kill you, unless you count the LSPD...
  2. Much larger variety of vehicles - It's annoying when the same car just keeps appearing in GTA Online, no variety, and the same cars will appear in Sandy Shores or Paleto Bay. With GTA V, you have to choice of hundreds of vehicles at once, rather than having to wait a long time just for the spawner to change. Also, rare cars such as the Asea , Police Cruiser and Jet appear in story mode, giving the game a much more unique feel.
  3. Instant access to DLC vehicles - Rockstar are always tight with vehicle prices and access within GTA Online, at least in GTA V, you know you don't have to wait or save up to meet the requirements of 1 specific vehicle!..Unless of course you're on next-gen, where you still have to pay for them...
  4. Three characters of choice - Well, this is an obvious one, why play with one character, when you have the choice to play with three, and you can even play with three at once! That's almost like multiplayer! 
  5. Special Abilities - Gameplay is much more fun with an advantage of some sort, and in this case, special abilities. Franklin's enables players to reach higher speeds and improve braking/handling, Trevor's reduces damage received and increases damage done, and Michael's slows down time and increases aiming priorities. 
  6. CHEATS! - What's better than cheats? NOTHING! 
  7. Graphical capabilities - this may seem debatable, but personally, I think graphical output and texture quality is better in story mode. Enhanced effects, draw distance and distant drawings seem to be much of an increase in GTA V.
  8. Dialogue - When Franklin, Trevor or Michael shout at a cop, or the woman on the police chatter repeatedly phrases "in ummmmm", you can't help but listen to the rest of the conversation. 
  9. Nice houses/mansions - Now you can't deny that Michael's Mansion and Franklin's Pad are 100 times better than the GTA Online character's apartment! They're detailed, cosy and emphasise the rich aspect of the game. 
  10. MISSIONS! - There's no way GTA Online's missions are better than stories (Other than the fact they are shorter and MUCH easier), GTA V's missions are much more complex, well structured and have a much larger outcome reward. They're also fun, detailed and uniquely different than regular gameplay.

10 Reasons GTA Online is better than GTA V

  1. Multiplayer! - Of course, if you want to play with your friends, the only way you can do that is with GTA Online (unless you prefer COD - of course you don't...). Multiplayer allows instant (*almost*) access to play with friends, provided with a simple system which allows players to play together, whether that is in missions, or just plain relaxing. 
  2. Garages - Yes! GTA Online garages are much bigger and flashier! Why not show off 10 cars at once in one large garage, along side your finist rides and cycles.
  3. Personal Vehicles - It's not totally oblivious that vehicle owning in GTA Online is much easier, after all, you can insure your cars, request to deliver them, identify them on the map with a tracker, and store them safely in a garage. 
  4. Variety of Multiplayer Modes - Now, if you want to earn money with your friends, you can! Playing a much larger variety of creative missions is at the touch of a button! From deathmatch competetive modes, to co-op Heists Modes, there's no stopping, or regreting (unless you're all about RAGE).
  5. Heists Vehicles - Heists are specifically for GTA Online, so the content is strictly for Online too. The heist vehicles are awesome, no doubt about it! Just concerned about the cost? No problem! - Daily Objectives and heists will do for me...
  6. Pegasus - Pegasus are the most awesome people ever (until they refund you and put your vehicle back into storage), they let you call for a vehicle, and deliver it at the nearest location (better than story mode's hangar system), and also, no cost when you destroy someone else's Pegasus vehicle. 
  7. Daily Objectives, Impromptu Races and 1v1 Deathmatches - These are just a few of the instant-access features that require no loading screens, and allow instant gameplay in competative mode. Note that Daily Objectives can earn you millions within months. 
  8. Ranking System/Abilities - It's always good to know you're statistically better than someone when you're a higher rank. Though this isn't strictly true, it is certainly convincing enough to categorize people who you know you can kill. 
  9. Bounties/Muggers/Merryweather Security Okay, I admit, I'm running out of ideas now :). These are a few of the contact services that don't require you to get revenge back on someone who's trolled you while you wasn't looking. However, they also come with a cost...
  10. NO CHEATS - Modders will NOT agree here, but it's always good to know no-ones got unofficial or unfair advantage without Rockstar's consent (unless of course, you're just a modder)

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